Course: ENGL 711: Writing for Scholarly Publications

Term: WinterIM 2014

Format: Hybrid face-to-face and online

Meetings: Tuesday & Thursday 5:00-8:30

Required materials: Online D2L course packet

Description: This course will provide graduate students (from any field) with an intensive practicum in scholarly writing. The bulk of the class will be devoted to exploring effective strategies for developing research articles, conference abstracts, and poster presentations. Additional course activities will address related writing tasks such as journal submission cover letters, peer-review response letters, and specialized publication genres (literature review essays, book reviews, research letters, etc). Students will work primarily in a writing workshop environment benefiting from extensive peer and instructor feedback. Workshop activities will be informed by materials and insights from scholarly studies of academic writing, peer-review, and publishing. Course materials will include readings in writing studies, rhetoric, linguistics, communication, design, and information sciences. Students are strongly advised to have a graduate seminar paper ready for repurposing or a dataset nearing completion prior to the first day of the term.


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