Shiny new website

When I used to teach freshmen more regularly, I would warn them at the beginning of each Fall semester that it would behoove them to think twice before selecting their official university email address. “ or,” I would tell them, “will not seem so wise a choice in four years.” Today, I find myself applying this wisdom to my own life, and I must sadly announce the impending retirement of my previous website. (Which I assure you was not nearly so bad as Studtastic007.)

On the up-side, I very excited to announce the establishment of this shiny new website. Those of you who’ve visited my previous e-bode (sorry, couldn’t help myself) won’t see much in the way of content changes. Essentially, this is just a face-lift. With one exception- I previously ran two separate blogs: one on medical rhetoric and one on the science-policy interface. I’ve found that trying to run two blogs amounted to running no blogs. Subsequently, I’ve collapsed all of the content from those two blogs into one here. Hopefully having one location to post all of my reviews, musings, rantings, etc will help to engender more frequent posting. We shall see.