Watson, R.T. (2005). Turning science into policy: Challenges and experiences from the science-policy interface. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. 360, 471-477.

In “Turning Science into Policy,” world bank member and former Clinton-Gore adviser Robert T. Watson reflects on the relationship between science and policy within the debates on climate change, environmental sustainability, and population control. He argues that no fruitful directions in policy are likely without a through integration of research into scientific, economic, and social issues for environmental policy. Watson suggests that contemporary environmental policy activists need to focus primarily on deconstructing the long held false binary between environmental protection and economic success and argue for policy change, in stead, on a foundation that links environmental sustainability with economic sustainability.

This short article is a clear and insightful exploration of science-policy interface issues, albeit by a non-science studies academic. I highly recomended it as an introduction to the complected interfaces between science and policy. It would serve well both for undergraduate courses and for scholars looking to explore the science-policy interface for the first time.