Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

Graham, S.S., Kessler, M.M., Kim, S.-Y., Ahn, S., & Card, D.J. (forthcoming). Assessing perspectivalism in patient participation: An evaluation of FDA patient and consumer representative programs. Rhetoric of Health and Medicine.

Kessler, M.M. & Graham, S.S. (forthcoming). Terminal node problems: ANT 2.0 and prescription drug labels. Technical Communication Quarterly.

Graham, S.S., Kim, S.-Y., Kessler, M.M, DeVasto, D.M., Card, D.J., Ahn, S., Olson, M.K., Roberts, L. (2016). Conflicts of interest among patient and consumer representatives to FDA drug advisory committees. Annals of Internal Medicine, 165(8), 606-607.

Graham, S.S. (2015). The politics of pain medicine: A rhetorical-ontological inquiry. University of Chicago Press.

Graham, S.S., Kim, S-Y., Hartke, D.M. & Keith, W. (2015). Statistical genre analysis: Toward big data methodologies in technical communication. Technical Communication Quarterly. 24: 70-104. Special Issue on Contemporary Research Methodologies.

Teston, C.B., Graham, S.S., Baldwinson, R., Li, A., & Swift, J. (2014). Ontological multiplicity: negotiating “clinical benefit” in the FDA’s Avastin Hearing. Journal of Medical Humanities. 35, 149-170.

Selected Grants and Fellowships

Klaper, R. Evaluating alternative behaviors for pharmaceuticals and emerging contaminants. Argosy Foundation. $50,000. Subcontracted Investigator. 7/1/2015—6/30/16. [Funded at $50,000; Subcontract at $20,000].

Graham, S.S. Conflicted: Tracing industry influence in federal pharmaceuticals policy. Institute for Humanities Research. UW-Madison. Fellow. 01/15/16-05/15/16. [Funded at $5,000].

Graham, S.S., Harley, A., Kim, S-Y., Neuner, J. Catalyzing transdisciplinarity: Cancer-obesity comorbidity as a wicked problem in urban Milwaukee. Transdisciplinary Challenge Award. Center for 21st Century Studies. UW-Milwaukee. $150,000. Co-PI. 07/01/2014-08/31/2015. [Funded at $100,000].

Graham, S.S., Keith, W., Kim, S-Y. Evaluating the impacts of lay Stakeholder inclusion and industry affiliations on FDA pharmaceuticals policy decision-making. Research Growth Initiative. UW-Milwaukee. $141,068. Lead PI. 07/01/2014-08/31/2015. [Funded at $141,068].

Graham, S.S., Johnstone, C., Kim, S-Y. Innovation adoption following continuing education: A mixed methods pilot study of oncology-related meetings. Research Support Grant. Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education. $9922. Lead PI. 09/01/2013—03/30/24. PI. [Funded at $9922].

Selected Invited Presentations

Graham, S.S. (2017). Conflicted: Industry influence and guardians of public trust. Virginia Tech University. Blacksburg, VA.

Graham, S.S. (2016). Conflicted: Big pharma, drug money, and the FDA. Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland, OH.

Graham, S.S. (2016). Conflicted: Big pharma, drug money, and the FDA. Fall for the Book. George Mason University. Fairfax, VA.

Graham, S.S. (2016). Medical imaging, 1896-1996: Towards a historiography of black box formation. Department of Communication Arts. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Madison, WI.

Graham, S.S., (2015). Towards big data in the humanities: A scale-up study in pharmaceuticals policy. Data Day. UWM Libraries/ Center for Digital Humanities. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI.

Graham, S.S., (2014). Rhetoric of Science. Ready, Set, Go/Mechanical Engineering. Northwestern University. Evanston, IL.

Graham, S.S., Keith, W., Johnstone, C., Kim, S-Y., Card, D., Kessler, M., Anderson, C. (2014). Innovation adoption following continuing education: A mixed methods pilot study of oncology-related meetings. Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education. Cincinnati, OH.

Graham, S.S. (2012) Rhetorics of pain: Agency and ontology in the medical-industrial complex. Green College Science and Society Lecture Series. Science and Technology Studies Program. University of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC.

Graham, S.S. (2012). Neuroimaging and the reality of fibromyalgia: A study in disease discourse. National Core for Neuroethics. University of British Columbia Hospital. Vancouver, BC.

National Research Awards

Fellows’ Early Career Award
Rhetoric Society of America, 2016

Article of the Year Award
Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology, 2012
Awarded for “Dis-ease or Disease: Ontological Rarefaction in the Medical-Industrial Complex.”

Best Article on Philosophy or Theory of Technical or Scientific Communication
National Council of Teachers of English, 2010
Awarded for “Agency and the Rhetoric of Medicine: Biomedical Bran Scans and the Ontology of Fibromyalgia.”

Nell Ann Pickett Award for Best Article in Technical Communication Quarterly
Association for Teachers of Technical Writing, 2009
Awarded for “Agency and the Rhetoric of Medicine: Biomedical Bran Scans and the Ontology of Fibromyalgia.”

Selected Courses Taught

Rhetoric and Visual Cultures
Doctoral seminar in theories of the visual and their intersections with rhetorical and cultural theory. Specific topics include the medical gaze, the male gaze, objectivity theory, regimes of surveillance, body image, medical imaging technologies, and visual pedagogy.

Rhetorics of Science and Medicine
Doctoral seminar in theory of and analytic approaches to rhetorics of science, technology, and medicine. Specific topics include rhetorical strategies in scientific communication, incommensurability studies, the science-policy interface, and critical/cultural dimensions of science, technology, and medicine.

Scientific Controversies
Cross-listed graduate/undergraduate special topics seminar on scientific controversies, with special emphasis on case studies in climate change, GMO foods, MMR vaccines, and pesticide policy. Specific units include 1) Incommensurability and Technical Disputes, 2) Sphere Theory & Overflow, 3) Manufactured Controversies, and 4) The Role(s) of Expertise(s

Social, Political, and Ethical Issues in Scientific Communication
Cross-listed graduate/undergraduate special topics seminar in theory of and practical approaches to ethical communication in technical and scientific settings. Specific units include humanist/instrumentalist debates in technical communication, critical/cultural theories of technical communication, the ethics of visual design, and the role of technical communicators in science and technology policy.

Biological Communications
Undergraduate course in the fundamentals of biological communications with specific emphasis on academic and medical contexts. Genres include lab reports, research reports, poster presentations, press releases, visual/data communications, and oral presentations. Exploration of social, political, and ethical issues in biological communications.


PhD, Rhetoric and Professional Communication | 2010

  • Iowa State University | Ames, IA
  • Dissertation: Rhetorics of Pain: Agency and Regulation in the Medical-Industrial Complex
  • Dissertation Advisor: Carl G. Herndl

MA, Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication | 2006

  • Iowa State University | Ames, IA
  • Thesis: Towards a Dialogic Theory of New Media Literacy
  • Thesis Advisor: Michael Mendelson

BA, Philosophy | 2003

  • Eckerd College | St Petersburg, FL