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Object Oriented-Quibbles and the Cult of the Z-Axis

This entry is what I hope will be the first in a series of Object-Oriented Quibbles (OOQ, for fun. I like the playfulness of the Q-tail. It’s a nice visual metaphor for this project—a cock-eyed reappraisal of OOO.) If you follow my work at all, you will know that I am a big fan of […]

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Citation Coercion

While browsing my twitter stream today, I was struck by a particular headline courtesy of The Provence—a British Columbia daily newspaper: Academic journals coercing professors for citations: study — The Province (@theprovince) February 3, 2012 Needless to say, as a publishing academic, I found this headline a bit disturbing. So I tracked down the […]

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Controversia Scientia

Hello from Canada! This has very little to do with the topic of today’s post. I’m just taking advantage of this moment to announce my recent arrival in Vancouver, BC. For those of you who don’t know—and I don’t know who that would be since I tweet constantly about my newfound Canadian residency—I’ve just started […]

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Review of Vibrant Matter (Bennett)

Bennett J. (2010). Vibrant matter: A political ecology of things. Durham: Duke University Press. Note: I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf for a month or two now and have been meaning to read it. I was recently prompted to attend to it more quickly and seriously by the following tweet courtesy of NC […]

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How big is Rhetoric of Science and Medicine?

Pop quiz! Which journal in rhetorical studies published the most articles in rhetorics of science and medicine between 2005 and 2010? If you had asked me that question two days ago, I would’ve said: “I don’t know. Probably TCQ or RSQ.” Turns out I would have been half right and half wrong. (It’s TCQ, by […]

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Self-aggrandizing publication alert

The title says it all. Carl Herndl and I have a new article coming out in volume 41 of Rhetoric Society Quarterly. Talking off-Label: The Role of Stasis in Transforming the Discursive Formation of Pain Science S. Scott Graham & Carl G. Herndl Abstract: This article uses Foucault’s enunciative analysis and stasis theory to explore […]

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Welcome to Part II of my NCA Teaser Posts. (Don’t worry. It’s only a two part series.) In addition to my excitement about Health Comm @ NCA, I’m also very much looking forward to a variety of Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology panels (not to mention the pre-conference). And without further ado, […]

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Cosmopolitics I-1

Stengers, I. (2010). Cosmopolitics I. R. Bononno, (Trans.). Minneapolis: U of Minnesota Press. *Note: I write about books for a number of reasons. Most often, it’s to share my thoughts or to critique them. In this case, I’m writing as part of an effort to figure out what it (the book) meant. The following post […]

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RSA Recap

I’ve just returned a few days ago from the Rhetoric Society of American conference in beautiful Minneapolis, Mn (May28-31). I also attended the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology pre-conference, Friday morning. RSA is getting big. In fact, I heard many a grumble in the hallways of the conference hotel which said “too […]

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Part II: Field atomization

This post continues the previous post. Though it’s not strictly necessary to read both to catch the tenor of my argument, it might help. As I mentioned in my last post, my efforts to think through the atomization of rhetoric has led me to atomize atomization. Where previously I was discussing the problems of […]

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