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AcWriMo Update

It’s officially December, and thus my #AcWriMo binge writing adventure has (finally) come to an end. As I mentioned in my last post, one of the things I like best about #AcWriMo is the public accountability part of it. The extra motivation of declaring a stretch goal and posting about how well you meet that […]

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CFP: Post-Turn Turn

Call for Papers: The Post-Turn Turn The last fifty years of humanistic inquiry have been dominated by the navigational and orientational rhetorics of turning. Recent humanistic scholarship has witnessed and weathered a dizzying array of continuing turns including a linguistic turn, a rhetorical turn, a cultural turn, a computational turn, a digital turn, an affective […]

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What counts as evidence in the humanities?

The following is a talk I delivered at the 5/2/2016 weekly seminar for the UW-Madison Institute for Research in the Humanities (IRH). Over the course of the 2015-2016 academic year, the question of what counts as evidence in the humanities became a sort of informal theme for the collected IRH fellows. Accordingly, IRH director Susan […]

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Conflicts of Interest: What’s the Harm?

In May 2015, New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) correspondent Lisa Rosenbaum published a three-part op-ed decrying the state of conflicts of interest policing in health and medicine. Unlike most of the available literature on the topic, she accused those in the medical community concerned with undue industry influence of falling victim to a sad […]

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Alternative Commercial Models for Drug Development

The rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria constitutes a serious emerging threat and potential world-wide health crisis. The current treatment options are increasingly ineffective against evolving strains of harmful pathogens. Worse still, antibiotic resistance is not only inevitable, it’s accelerating. Although recent discoveries appear promising, no new classes of antibiotics have been found since 1987. It is […]

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A Praxiography of Pedagogy

It almost goes without saying that a wide range of disciplines have recently embraced the new material (NM) turn. A large number of scholars in the disciplines of rhetoric and technical communication (TC) are included here. And while a great deal of excellent work has recently been, and is currently being developed that puts NM […]

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CALL FOR CHAPTERS: Feminist Rhetorical Science Studies

(I have no affiliation with this CFP. I just think it looks like a cool and important project worthy of sharing.) Edited by Amanda K. Booher (University of Akron) and Julie Jung (Illinois State University) This collection engages emerging scholarship in feminisms, rhetorics, and science studies for purposes of theorizing the most recent “material turn” […]

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Object-Oriented Quibbles #4: Time is Information and Why You Should Care

Welcome, one and all, to this edition of Object-Oriented Quibbles (OOQs). OOQs are my way of exploring the rich scholarship of Object-Oriented Ontologies (OOO), but with a slightly critical eye. My recurrent caveat: I love OOO—or at least parts of OOO and the broader new materialist scholarly tradition in which it participates. OOQs are my […]

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Object-Oriented Quibble #3: Wherein a Meta-Quibble Becomes a Quibble About Metaphysics

Note: If you haven’t been following along with these Object-Oriented Qubbles (OOQs) and don’t know what I’m doing here, then you might which to see OOQ #1 and/or OOQ #2. OK, so the entire point of these OOQs was to provide me with an opportunity to further explore my understanding of Object-Oriented Ontologies (OOO) while […]

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Object-Oriented Quibbles and the Carpentry of Discourse

Welcome, all, to my n part series on Object-Oriented Quibbles (OOQ). For a little more detail on this project and its exigencies, I refer you to the prelude to Part I. But if you’re not that interested here’s the TL;DR version: I love Object-Oriented Ontologies (OOO) and new materialisms. However, I also think the unbridled […]

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