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Free Inquiry & Free Speech, Steve Fuller

Title: Free Speech & Free Inquiry: Is Science Comparable with Democracy? Speaker: Steve Fuller, Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick When: Monday, November 24, 2014, 1:00-2:30 pm Where: Fireside Lounge, UWM Student Union (map) Precis:The public is more interested in science than ever—and more skeptical of scientific authority. Is […]

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CALL FOR CHAPTERS: Feminist Rhetorical Science Studies

(I have no affiliation with this CFP. I just think it looks like a cool and important project worthy of sharing.) Edited by Amanda K. Booher (University of Akron) and Julie Jung (Illinois State University) This collection engages emerging scholarship in feminisms, rhetorics, and science studies for purposes of theorizing the most recent “material turn” […]

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A New Addition to the Syllabus

Perhaps a little late to the party, I decided my syllabus needed a section on interface technologies. Why? 1) I’m a big fan of digital distribution of course materials where legal and appropriate. Yet many of my students who access course materials via the course management system do not give much thought to interface technologies […]

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Object-Oriented Quibbles #4: Time is Information and Why You Should Care

Welcome, one and all, to this edition of Object-Oriented Quibbles (OOQs). OOQs are my way of exploring the rich scholarship of Object-Oriented Ontologies (OOO), but with a slightly critical eye. My recurrent caveat: I love OOO—or at least parts of OOO and the broader new materialist scholarly tradition in which it participates. OOQs are my […]

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Object-Oriented Quibble #3: Wherein a Meta-Quibble Becomes a Quibble About Metaphysics

Note: If you haven’t been following along with these Object-Oriented Qubbles (OOQs) and don’t know what I’m doing here, then you might which to see OOQ #1 and/or OOQ #2. OK, so the entire point of these OOQs was to provide me with an opportunity to further explore my understanding of Object-Oriented Ontologies (OOO) while […]

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Object-Oriented Quibbles and the Carpentry of Discourse

Welcome, all, to my n part series on Object-Oriented Quibbles (OOQ). For a little more detail on this project and its exigencies, I refer you to the prelude to Part I. But if you’re not that interested here’s the TL;DR version: I love Object-Oriented Ontologies (OOO) and new materialisms. However, I also think the unbridled […]

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Object Oriented-Quibbles and the Cult of the Z-Axis

This entry is what I hope will be the first in a series of Object-Oriented Quibbles (OOQ, for fun. I like the playfulness of the Q-tail. It’s a nice visual metaphor for this project—a cock-eyed reappraisal of OOO.) If you follow my work at all, you will know that I am a big fan of […]

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I’m very excited to announce that we’re up and running and research is underway at UWM’s new Scientific and Medical Communications Laboratory (SAMComm). What’s SAMComm you ask? Well, I’m happy to tell you. Here’s the brief description from the website. (p.s. I’m also happy to announce the website is also up and running: SAMComm […]

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Opportunities for UWM Students

ATTN: UWM Students Please note the Spring 2013 opportunities below. The images link to .pdf flyers. English 431: Social, Political, and Ethical Issues in Scientific and Technical Communication (u/G)Tuesdays 4:40, CRT 405 English 711: Educational and Advocacy Writing in Health and Medicine (U/G)Thursdays 4:40, CRT 405 Graduate Research Assistantships AvailableScientific and Medical Communications Laboratory

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Ideology and Superheroes

As anyone who either owns a television or has driven past a movie theater will tell you, the Marvel Comics Universe is everywhere right now. In recent years we’ve seen major studio productions of two Iron Mans, two Incredible Hulks, Capitan American, Thor, and of course the combine-them-all-together tour de force that is the Avengers. […]

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