CFP: Post-Turn Turn

Call for Papers: The Post-Turn Turn

The last fifty years of humanistic inquiry have been dominated by the navigational and orientational rhetorics of turning. Recent humanistic scholarship has witnessed and weathered a dizzying array of continuing turns including a linguistic turn, a rhetorical turn, a cultural turn, a computational turn, a digital turn, an affective turn, a new materialist turn, an object-oriented turn, a neurohumanistic turn, and a speculative turn, a craftbeer turn, and a custard turn, to name only a few. Indeed, according to the denizens of the MIT Media Lab, we may even be at the outset of a new biotechnical turn. Subsequently, many in the humanities are starting to argue for both a (re)new(ed) attention to the trope of turning, as the foundational idiom of academic inquiry and an exploration of new horizons of inquiry surrounding a post-turn turn. As such, this CFP invites critical responses to the very notion of turns, returns, U-turns, lecterns, cisterns, and interns. We are further interested in projects addressing alternative metaphors for disciplinary reorientation including, but not limited to shifting, banking, drifting, reversing, diving, and plowing-ahead-ignorant-of-the-vagaries-of-academic-fashion.

To submit, post a 200-500 word comment below. Abstracts that make me laugh the most will be invited to submit 3,000-30,000 word chapters on or before February 31st 2023. Inquiries may be sent to

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